St George's Church of England

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Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

St George's Curriculum

Curriculum Intent


At St George’s, our aim is to provide 'Aspirational opportunities for all through the breath of God' by providing a broad and balanced curriculum, which reflects the needs of all pupils and is appropriate to the world both in and outside of the classroom.


St George’s approaches to learning are built on the four cornerstones of engage, develop, innovate and express. The curriculum has inspiring projects which create awe and wonder of the World in which we live, underpinned by the core National Curriculum requirements. We encourage all pupils to take an active role in their learning and will use their ideas and suggestions to shape the pathway that a project will take. We ensure our curriculum is sequential enabling our children to build and develop their knowledge as they move through the school.


Our priority for all our pupils is to have the necessary life skills they need alongside their Reading, Writing and Maths, whilst also developing a spiritual awareness of themselves, and their role in the community enabling them to successfully navigate their future lives.  


St George’s acknowledges and develops all pupils holistically. We promote positive mental health and well-being to enable all our pupils to have the tools to learn to live together. As a result, they are able to show sensitivity and respect to the differences we all share. Pupils at St George's become responsible, independent people who care about their world and are able to demonstrate a moral sense of responsibility and self-discipline. They have a love of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their lives.


There is a strong sense of belonging at St George’s, which is protective of all members of the school community and a strong sense of caring for and valuing each other. (National Children’s Bureau Well Being Award 2022)


‘The school prioritises and is highly effective at meeting the needs of vulnerable pupils and those with additional learning and personal needs so that they thrive.’ (SIAMS 2022)


Our core Christian values of Love, Care, Share, Trust and Respect underpin the Curriculum and ethos of St George's.


‘Pupils are very well behaved and show great respect for each other. They thrive on responsibilities given to them and take pride in providing care to younger pupils.’ (SIAMS 2022)


For information on how disabled pupils participate in our school’s curriculum please visit our Accessibility policy


You can access information about our curriculum subjects using the individual headings on the drop down headings.