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Primary School

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At St. George’s Primary School, we recognise how the world is advancing digitally and how technology will play a pivotal role in our pupil’s future lives. As a result, we seek to ensure that our pupils are given vital opportunities, through our visionary facilities to develop and master the skills of the computing curriculum responsibly, positively, and safely. We aim to encourage our pupils to not only be consumers of technology but to allow them to become creators of technology through a broad curriculum encompassing computer science, information technology and digital literacy. These overarching strands have been broken down further to allow the pupils of St. George’s Primary School to think creatively, work collaboratively and evaluate their computing learning through a knowledge rich progression of skills, which in turn will help our pupils to become skillful computer scientists.


As a school we recognise the importance of modelling and educating our children on the safe use of technology - in particular, the use of the internet and social media. We believe one of the best protections to these current issues arising from technology is through education and creating an environment where children feel confident identifying appropriate and inappropriate behaviour online and understand where to find support and feel safe to do so.


St. George’s Primary School encourages staff to embed computing across the curriculum helping to make learning creative and accessible for all. We want our pupils to be confident in using a range of technology tools to express their understanding in the hope that by the end of Key Stage Two our children have the independence and confidence to choose the most appropriate tools to fulfil a given task and lead them into a future digital world that is constantly evolving.