St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

SIAMS Inspection

The School was inspected under the new framework in November 2021. Please take some time to read through our report. 

We really hope that parents and the community can gain an understanding of the wonderful things the school does to help it's pupils aspire and think about who they want to be. 

What have we done since our last inspection to improve things...

...We created a new Spiritual Garden, follow this link to see it in action! 

Refreshing our Spiritual Garden post Covid

Strand 1 Leadership and management

Please follow the below links to see how our work at St George's dovetails into the inspection framework. 

Strand 2 Wisdom knowledge and skills. 
Strand 3 Character development: Hope, Aspiration and courageous advocacy. 
Strand 4 Community and living well together
Strand 5 Dignity and respect
Strand 6 The impact of collective worship
Strand 7 The effectiveness of Religious Education