St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God


At St George's Primary school our aim is nurture scientific knowledge through exploring, questioning and investigating the world around us. We want to stimulate pupil’s curiosity about the world around them and begin to learn how things happen. Through asking questions about the world around them, we aim to encourage pupils to plan, perform, analyse and evaluate a wide range of scientific enquiries. Building both their scientific knowledge and skills.

At St George's we follow our own curriculum, supported with the PZAZ Science Scheme, ensuring National Curriculum coverage at all times. From when they begin in Reception, our pupils develop their skills and knowledge; learning how to plan and carry out their own scientific enquiries. This allows for a continuous progression of skills from the EYFS focus on children’s interactions with the natural world, right through to Evolution and Inheritance in year 6.

Attached to the school is a Forest School, nature garden and we are just a short walk to the beach. These opportunities provide pupils with a hands-on element to their scientific journey and experience the world around them.