St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

School Closures

The school will remain open wherever it is safe to operate. The school takes into account heating levels and staff levels to ensure that pupils can be catered for. This may mean some pupils being taught together in other classes.


If the school has to close during the day a notice will be published on the website and social media. You will also be contacted by phone/text to collect your child(ren). A member of staff will supervise your child(ren) until you can get here. Please ensure that the office has all of your up to date contact numbers.


If the school is going to close from the start of the day an announcement will be made on the local authority (Kent) website Radio stations will also announce this information. The website as well as social media will also display the announcement.


Due to the nature of the weather this can often mean a last minute decision has been made and notice is short. It is not always possible for you to get a reply from the school on telephone/email but we will provide as much information as we can using the channels listed above. A closure on a subsequent second day will be announced via radio stations/websites/social media listed above.


Coming into school on severe weather days can be a decision you are not happy to take. If you are in an area that you consider too dangerous to attempt a journey then you must make this decision for yourself and keep your child(ren) at home. You should however let the school office know for any registers and be aware that this may be logged as an unauthorised absence if the school remains open.


If the school is closed then all clubs held at the school will not be running on that day.