St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

Mission Statement and Vision

'Aspirational opportunities for all through the breath of God.'


St George's leads the community by following the teachings of Christ through holistically ensuring excellence for all. Through our happy, secure and stimulating environment all members of the school community grow in self-esteem and potential. Their spiritual, academic and social needs are celebrated as part of daily life.


The Bible story of the 'Feeding of the 5000' shows Gods love and our school values -  


By not sending the crowds away Jesus demonstrated his CARE for all. Matthew 14:16

We welcome all into our school and care for them in a holistic and nurturing way.

By blessing the bread and fish and multiplying it, Jesus provided for the needs of all those who had gathered around him, because he wanted to care for their basic needs


By gathering them to Him he showed them all LOVE Matthew 14:18

We celebrate all that we do, our successes and our learning, our achievements and our support of one another. Jesus showed this through his compassion for the whole community when he gathered the crowds to him.


By giving thanks to God for the food they received Jesus showed RESPECT Matthew 14:19

We teach each other about diversity and encourage respect for all. Jesus showed this by not sending the crowds away and listening to their needs.


By dividing the food among many Jesus taught us how to SHARE Matthew 14:19

We teach an awe and wonder of the world in which we all live and we encourage our school community to look beyond their immediate locality.

When Jesus gave thanks to heaven he was able to multiply the fish and loaves for all and share equally amongst all.


By having faith in Jesus to feed everyone the disciples demonstrated their TRUST Matthew 14:20

We demonstrate our Trust in God by regularly visiting our local VIIth century Abbey for religious worship, to celebrate. We actively worship through gathering, engaging, responding and reflecting. In the feeding of the 5000 the community trusted Jesus to fulfil their needs.


We provide abundantly for the needs of the pupils as Jesus abundantly met the needs of the 5000, by ensuring the pupils receive;


  • An education appropriate to the World outside their classroom including fostering links with the local Church and TRUSTing God by taking part in active worship.
  • A LOVE of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their life through regular trips and celebratory events.
  • The tools to learn to live together in the community and to show sensitivity and RESPECT to the differences between one another.
  • Thinking skills to become responsible, independent people who CARE about their World and demonstrate a moral sense of responsibility and self- discipline.
  • The knowledge to reach their full potential in the curriculum and acquire effective maths and English skills whilst developing a spiritual awareness and SHARE with one another an awe of the Universe.


We celebrate the Christian character of our foundation and believe this character informs all that is done at St George's through the values of CARE SHARE RESPECT TRUST and LOVE