St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

Religious Education (RE)

At St George’s C of E Primary our vision; Aspirational Opportunities for All through the Breath of God, is that every child should be a: successful learner, confident individual and responsible citizen.


Religious Education is intrinsic to the curriculum at St George's, its profile within the school matches the core areas of Maths, Reading and Writing, engaging and challenging pupils to explore core concepts and questions. By engaging with biblical texts and theological ideas with high-quality resources pupils have the opportunity to explore their own religious, spiritual and philosophical ways of seeing, living and thinking, believing and belonging.


As a church school, the teaching of Christianity is at the heart of our learning and our core school values, love, trust, respect, share and care, are taught alongside our whole school curriculum. Our aim is to explore how pupils can contribute to their communities and to wider society encouraging empathy, generosity and compassion.

Following the Understanding Christianity resources from the Diocese, our pupils develop their own understanding of the world and engages them to foster respect for all people.


Our Curriculum for RE encourages a cross curricular approach when learning about creating drama, art, writing, discussion, stories, pictures and games. Our RE displays show the progression of learning throughout each unit and allows pupils to consider and reflect on the big question for that term.


‘The strong sense of Christian community shines out at St George’s School.’ (SIAMS 2021)

‘The broad range of learning opportunities inspires and promotes aspiration for pupils.’ (SIAMS 2021)