St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

Staff Team

Head Teacher: Mr Fisher


Dept Head: Mrs Spoerry                          


Assistant Head:  Mrs Farley (Inclusion and Behaviour)


Class Teachers: 


Reception   - Mrs Adlam                     Pine

Reception   -  Mrs Whiter                   Willow

Year 1 - Miss Poynter                          Maple

Year 1 - Mr Crowe                              Beech

Year 2 - Mrs Bolding                           Apple

Year 2 - Mrs Shaw                              Pear

Year 3 - Mr Prentice                           Cherry

Year 3 - Mrs Sibley                              Birch

Year 4 - Mrs Newin                             Sycamore

Year 4 - Mr Clarke                              Ash

Year 5 - Mrs Adlington                        Hazel

Year 5 - Mr Dyson                              Lime

Year 6 - Ms Williams                          Oak

Year 6 - Miss Hill                                Alder


Additional Needs Teacher (SENCo):  Mrs Farley (special needs/ inclusion)


Woodland Learning Coordinator:  Miss Slade


Play therapist:  Miss Allen


Teaching Assistants:       Class based:  Mrs Wort, Miss England, Mrs Akers, Mrs Allen,

Mrs Timmons, Mrs Sibley, Mrs O Neill, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Tyler, Mrs Rigby, Mrs Law, 


Speech and Language:    Mrs Lamb


School Business Manager:  Mrs Gardner                      Finance Assistant:  Mrs Stocker


Attendance Officer:  Miss Standen


Office Manager :   Miss Hill   


Site Manager:   Mr Reddington


Cleaners:   Mrs Foreman, Mrs Wade, Miss Webster, Mrs Turner and Miss Newbury.


Breakfast Club:     Supervisor:  Mrs Foreman                  Assts:  Mrs Beeton, Miss Barton


Kitchen Staff:  Mrs Healy, Miss Hart, Mrs Wilson