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School Uniform


We are proud of our school uniform. All pupils wear school uniform- no exceptions! No jewellery. Small studs for ears are allowed, no hoops or multiple piercings and the child must be able to remove studs themselves for PE. No make-up including nail varnish. Watches may be worn at own risk.

If you are wearing trousers then this should be as follows- a white shirt/ polo, black/grey trousers/ shorts, and a blue jumper. Jumper/cardigans with the school logo are available from ‘RJs’ in the high street or Tesco Embroidered Uniform and 5% of all sales is donated to the school.

If you are wearing a skirt/ dress then you should wear a white shirt/polo, black/grey skirt, and a blue jumper/cardigan- you may alternatively wear a blue and white check dress combination.

School shoes (not boots) should be worn by all and should be black and not branded i.e. Nike, Adidas, Reebok indicates they are a trainer not a shoe. Trainers may be brought into school to change into for a run about at lunchtime. Wellington boots during snow is fine if they can change into a pair of shoes once in class.


Hair styles should be simple, no dyes or extensions. Hair should retain a simple style with no shaved patterns.

Acceptable- Natural looking hair colour, shaved hair (grade 1 or 2), hairstyles with slightly different lengths, ponytails (natural).

Unacceptable- coloured hair using reds, pinks, whites, bleaches etc. Shaved patterns cut into the hair (names, trams, checks etc) shaved eyebrows, non-conventional ponytails (rats tails).



If you believe your child should have a headscarf or other religious based hair covering please see the head teacher to discuss this before your child starts school.


Children will also need a PE kit comprising white t-shirt, blue or black shorts and plimsolls/trainers. Trainers are for use in outdoor games; indoor PE is done barefoot or plimsolls. It is essential that children have a full range of clothing for PE and that their PE kit is stored in an appropriate PE bag. During the winter months a simple tracksuit may be used for outside PE.

All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Items of clothing are frequently handed in as ‘lost property’ and their owners never traced because the clothing has not been marked. The school cannot be held responsible for any lost property.


School Uniform Embroidered with School Logo

You can now order school uniform embroidered with our logo directly from the following sites.  Please follow the links