St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

By not sending the crowds away Jesus demonstrated his CARE for all. Matthew 14:16

We welcome all into our school and care for them in a holistic and nurturing way.

By blessing the bread and fish and multiplying it, Jesus provided for the needs of all those who had gathered around him, because he wanted to care for their basic needs

Our  Inclusion  Team  are  here  to  help  you  with  any  aspect  of  your  child’s  needs.  Our  team  is  split  into the following  personnel.


Mrs  Farley
Mrs  Farley  is  our  Assistant  Headteacher.  She  strategically  leads  the  pastoral  team  and  will  take  the lead for  behaviour  and supporting  staff,  pupils  and  parents  towards  our  aim  of  outstanding behaviour  from  all. Mrs Farley is also the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and is responsible for coordinating all the support for pupils who have additional needs. She can support pupils through access to LIFT and can also access external help. She is available to meet and discuss your child's needs and the provision within the school.  


Mrs  Sheppard
Mrs  Sheppard  is  our  Pastoral  Manager  and is here to support pupils and their families with all their pastoral needs. She can sign post families in need of additional support, including the School Health Team and Early Help. Mrs Sheppard is  also  our  first  port  of  call  before  Mrs  Farley for any  issues  with  behaviour  or problems  between  pupils.  


Miss  Allen
Miss  Allen  is  our  qualified  play  therapist.  She  works  for  two  days  a  week  to  support  with therapeutic play  and  pupils  can  be referred  to  her  via  the  teacher  or  parental  request. 


Our pastoral  team  they  can  be  contacted  via  the  telephone  system,  at  the  office  or  on the gate.    

What is 'Play Therapy?'