St George's Church of England

Primary School

Aspirational opportunities for all, through the breath of God

Welcome to St George's Church of England Primary School



I am very pleased to welcome you to St. George’s Church of England Primary School. I am immensely proud to be leading this school, which I opened in 2009. We have an excellent reputation in the area and there are many unique features here to celebrate and enjoy.

Our children are delightful to work with and I firmly believe that everyone is special. We have 420 pupils, 14 classes and a fantastic team of teachers and support staff.

We are a successful school with a strong Christian ethos set in the delightful Minster area with close links to Minster Abbey our local church. The staff and governors of the school are committed to providing all pupils with a secure and caring environment in which they develop lively and enquiring minds, confidence and skills. Our record of accomplishment is exemplified in consistently good attainment for our children. In April 2013, we gained a Good in our Ofsted report and in March 2015 an Outstanding Section 48 report (our Church School inspection).

The school joined Aquila (The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust) in October 2015 to further extend our educational partnerships.

We are fortunate to enjoy a strong relationship with Daisychains Nursery on site which is graded Outstanding (2010 & 2016). We also run our own breakfast club from 8am.

If you require anything on this website as a paper copy please do get in touch with our secretary Mrs Dunn.

For a tour, please telephone the school office.

Mr Fisher

Executive Head Teacher




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