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School Aims and Visions

Our Mission Statement
Our mission statement was formed in a meeting of elected school council of pupils, a working party from the governors, the teaching staff and the Head Teacher.


Through effective modern teaching of the National Curriculum, and by expecting the very best of academic standards,

we aim to create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community can grow

in self-esteem and develop their potential as human beings. Our holistic approach will centre on the well-being of each pupil,

staff member and stakeholders to ensure the spiritual, academic and social needs of everyone are met.

Our core Christian values are represented by the following five words that form our rules here at St George’s.




We celebrate the Christian character of our foundation and believe this character informs all that is done at St George’s.



Our pupils recently worked with some of the teachers to express how they feel St George’s mission statement is ‘present’ in the every day they came up with -


from all members of the school community will be valued and recognised.
aim to promote challenge through high expectations of learning and behaviour
relationships are a strong focus ensuring that school is fun! The school will be a bright,attractive, stimulating place to learn.
has a role to playParents and governors are our partners in education 
aim is for the children to be happy and secure and their achievements to be celebrated and valued by all.
Re-growth -
the school will grow and change but we will remain true to our vision.
to know you; we realise the importance of efficient, effective communication.
must feel that they have equal opportunities to learn and develop.
St. George
and our church links are celebrated in this fantastic new school.


Learning Together: The aims of our school
At St. George’s CEP School, we provide a broad, balanced education for all the children in our care. We aim to create a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment in which all children can grow in self-esteem and fulfil their full potential as human beings.
In particular we aim to -
• Ensure that all pupils have full access to the National Curriculum
• Ensure children reach their full potential in all aspects of the school’s curriculum including the National Curriculum, and in particular in acquiring effective skills in literacy and numeracy
• Provide children with an education appropriate to the world outside the classroom
• Develop a love of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their life
• Help them to learn to live together in a community and to show sensitivity to the differences between one another
• Encourage them to become responsible, independent people, who are able to look at and think deeply about the world around them
• Develop a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline
• Develop spiritual awareness and an awe of the universe.
• Foster our links with the church and take part in active prayer.
• Take part in trips and other events to give a ‘broader’ approach to life and learning.